About Me

Hi. This is Cyzus.


Shenzhen College of International Education, Shenzhen, China
Carnegie Mellon University APEA program, Pittsburgh, USA


Robotics, filming, comics, musical…


Computer programs

  • ARO, 15-112 Term Project
    Github page Video demo
    ARO is a Python 2D-shooting game I created in 15-112 course when I was in the AP/EA program. The final grading of my project is 90 out of 100.

  • 24,School Term
    Github page
    24 is a puzzle game which needs users to implement arithmetic operations to get the number of 24. It also has algorithm to solve the puzzle itself.

  • Gesture-recognition interface, Pioneer
    With the development of gesture-recognition and the increasing demand for substitute of computer mouse, a touchless, gesture-based computer interface is a seemingly promising direction. In this paper, a gesture interface using Leap Motion device incorporating a game application is proposed. The program is split into dynamic and static sections so that the accuracy, intuitiveness, and comfort level of the interface are respectively tested. The work illustrated a potential of incorporating gesture-recognition into the computer interface.

Research papers

  • Triathlon, HiMCM 2016
    Github page
    It is an HiMCM competition paper which seeks to organize a triathlon event; the traffic and time have to be optimized using mathematical models. The paper won a Meritorious award in 2016.

  • Absence rate study, 36-200 Term Project
    Github page
    It is a term project for 36-200 in Carnegie Mellon University AP/EA program. In the project, I analyzed an European school database to find out the possible factors that would influence a student’s absence rate.

  • Raven Operation, China Think Big
    Github page
    Raven Operation is a project my team has done in China Thinks Big competition. We aimed to develop a spam-mail detecting application at a more accurate level. Sorting algorithms such as KNN, decision trees and Naive-Bayes are adopted. This project won the second prize in the national finalist, outrunning 95% others.

  • Two-child Policy Research, Shenzhen University
    Since the universal two-child policy in China is launched in 2016, many researchers have dedicated their efforts into investigating the influences from the society point of view. In this paper, we look at this issue from a different angle, trying to investigate how the factors influence whether an expectant mother would bore a second child in China empirically. The real-world data from both rural and city regions are used to train an imbalance classification model. In addition, some statistical hypotheses are also made to justify the relevance of these factors. Experimental results demonstrate the validity and effectiveness of our trained model.

Personal projects

  • Journal Project
    Project’s website
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    It is a blog project that I uploaded my youth journals to my website. The journals begin from 2009 to 2015, all being kept during my visit to other places. The journal project indeed fills up with my childhood.

Videos & Artworks

  • TBU Studio Programs
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    TBU Studio is a student-led organization dedicated to producing excellent video programs inside and outside SCIE. While being the head of TBU Studio and director of Postproduction department, I produced several of programs including SCIE Talkshow, OutLook, and Insight.

  • Lord of the Flies
    this is a film project my team produced in SCIE. The story is largely adapted from the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding; it is a story about a group of kids getting into a no man’s land.