TBU Studio Programs

TBU Studio is a student-led organization dedicated to producing excellent video programs inside and outside SCIE.

During my service in TBU Studio as the head of the studio and the director of finalizing department, I produced several of video programs including news, documentaries, talkshows and interviews.

TBU Studio Promo

The video is produced to display on the school’s LED screen on the freshman day and ECA fair in order to attract new members.


OutLook is an reacting video program that interviewees will be guided to watch a video clip that tells about a recent story or a contemporary idea; then interviewees will be asked a several of questions regarding how they feel about the clip.

OutLook #1 Syrian-Kurdish boy

Outlook #2 Back to Future

SCIE Talkshow

SCIE Talkshow is obviously a talkshow program that the host will joke around recent news inside and outside the school.

Talkshow #1

Talkshow #2

Talkshow #3

Talkshow #4

SCIE Fashion Show

SCIE Lip Dub

This is a fantastic program which leads people walk through my highschool.