Get rid of a dictator

Recently, “Festival and Celebration” becomes the topic we mainly discuss about in the language class as the Christmas has just passed and a few days later the Chinese New Year will be arrived.
As we were learning about the Guy Fawkes Night, Cecily suggested us to watch a movie called V for Vendetta. She said it could help us to have a more precise idea of this man and his story.
At the time, I was quite sure that I was familiar enough about the movie because I’ve watched it already, but Cecily still insisted that I should try to enjoy it again and she believed that I would get more meanings and thoughts within it.
The fact shows that she was right. I did find much more hidden information when I was watching it the second time. V for Vendetta is a quite serious political movie. The background is set in the Great Britain after the second World War. The country is ruled by a monarch called Adam Sutler, which we can find that his name is quite similar to Adolf Hitler, the head of Nazi Party. He is an absolute dictator the same as Hitler. He keeps all the information of Britain, bans other political parties and the freedom of speech. He holds a concentration camp to do body experiments and the prisoners are mainly homosexual, Muslin, anti-governmental and so on. In this case, the masses have no means to live.

Evie is one of the people who is dissatisfied with the ruling of Sutler. She meets V at one night occasionally. V uses a long introduction with lots of words that start with a letter ‘V’ to tell us who he is and what he does unclearly. However, he gives us some information about this messy society and the story of Guy Fawkes.
Guy Fawkes, a man who was managed to blow up the parliament, though he failed eventually because of a mysterious letter warning the king about it, he remained his thought until today. V inherits his idea and decided to devastate the parliament of Britain. He once says, ‘Remember, remember the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot.’ He kills a lot of people who are related with the concentration camp and at the end, he successfully blows up the parliament with a million of angry civilians, but he gets shot and dies in the fireworks and explosion.
The movie ends, but it gives me times of thinking. Guy Fawkes, is a traitor in the stereotyped point of view. People celebrated about his death and his unsuccessful plan on the fifth of November. However, this movie gives us a positive attitude of him and V as well. V is actually a prisoner of the concentration camp. He gets the way out after a big fire. Who he kills are mainly the members of stuffs in the camp so in fact, we may say that what V does is only vengeance. Yet, he doesn’t need to blow up the parliament, he can just kill the people and that’s it. Why does he want to destroy the parliament? Maybe what he hates are not only the stuffs in concentration camp, what he hates is the whole system of the government. He believes the explosion of the parliament can be a symbol of death of the government. Because he dies, we may not find out what his real aim is. Therefore, despise of his personal purpose, we can still have some comments about his achievements. Obviously, he destroys the totalitarian government though not completely and purges a number of vicious people. He makes people get rid of the dictatorship, and they have a good chance to live in a place of freedom. However, he might let people get into a greater mess because he doesn’t plan about the things after his death and there might be a worse government forms in the future.
V is just like the combination of Robespierre and Marat which are both the characters of French Revolution. He has a sense of humor which alleviates the bloody scene of violence from his facet of Marat while he still remains the facet of Robespierre that he insanely practices his sword in the chamber, like an obsession, seeking for the vengeance.
In conclusion, the death probably is the best result of the vendetta, even though he stands in the people’s side in this movie, the blood in his blade cannot be erased. The real hope doesn’t need to have the smell of gunpowder. I believe that the real hero should be the man like Gandhi or Martin Luther King who doesn’t use violence. I’m sure as long as the idea of freedom still exists, people will stand up to strive for the society which is equal, just and liberal.