Essential Ideology of Conscious Soul

Soon you will get that far

But don’t feel lost on the road

Soon the grades will come out

And you can release the load


Thirty days but no more

Have you got your mentors’ lore?

The year is turning dead

There’s no time to lay on the bed


Assessing what you’ve done

It’s not easy to deal

The examination they play

You get a great chance to fail

But the only thing they can know

Nothing more than a tail


The storm will never blunt you

Cause you have the sharpest blade in your heart

I know the mountains are stay still

But how dare they can make you hurt?


You have so many questions in mind

You just don’t likely to express out

Does it make sense to sign?

People would only think you’re not fine


Water will never overwhelm you

Cause you have the highest wall in your heart

I know the forests are yet so dark

But how can they foul you with the powerless dirt?


You have so many dreams to achieve

Why don’t just leave everything to chase

Does it matter what other people think?

They would be shamed when you succeed


Go and catch the giant condor

What a waste to be a faineant wanderer

Explore the beauty in the deeper sea

There’s yet so much sight for you to see

Deem that you are far so young?

Don’t be regret when you are far so late